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Essential Worker Spotlight – Samantha Smaniotti

I prepare the operating room for surgery by making sure all the supplies the surgeon will need are readily available, by checking for proper sterility of the instruments, and assisting the surgeon during the procedure.

Due to COVID-19, all elective/non-emergent surgeries are no longer taking place. Because of this, work in our department has been very limited the past month.

We continue to be there for the patients who require immediate care, such as moms requiring C-Sections, patients with severe fractures, and any other patients with life threatening conditions.

There are many non-life-threatening health conditions that require surgery to alleviate pain and to get diagnostic results. These patients are not able to have these procedures until the safety restrictions are lifted.

In order to get back to doing surgery at the caseload we are used to, we ask the community to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID by staying home and practicing social distancing when they need to make essential trips.

Samantha Smaniotti
Samantha Smaniotti is a certified surgical technologist at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital.