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Essential Worker Spotlight – Carol Pilot

My favorite part of my job is hearing our Veterans’ stories. Our Veterans have to best stories and love to share them.  They love to share what they did in the Service and about their families.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been moved to 4 East where I provide daily inpatient care. It is different from my normal day-to-day in the surgical clinic, but I am learning many new skills.

In addition, providing daily care, passing meds, I have the opportunity to take patients for walks and visit with them. A new opportunity to having more time listen to their stories.

Prior to COVID-19, I worked days in the surgical clinical. I now work the PM shift.  My husband and I have a farm where we raise livestock. I take the AM chore shift now and he does the PM shift.

Take care of your parents and grandparents, keep them safe, check on them. (Of course using social distancing)  – encourage social distancing. If you can do so safely, grocery shop and pick up medications for them. They are our most vulnerable during this time.

Carol Pilot
Carol Pilot is an LPN in the Surgery Clinic & Endoscopy at the VA.