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Essential Worker Spotlight – Brynn Santoni

We image people for a variety of maladies every day. Our department works closely with all areas of the hospital, especially the Emergency Department, in diagnosing illness and injury. We are especially good a diagnosing ailments of the lungs, so I am being inundated with literature on COVID-19.

The biggest change is missing family dinner on Sundays, and not being able to see friends and family.

Immediately showering before I can give my kids a hug has been a challenge as well. Slowing down, especially when it comes to extra-curricular activities is very strange. Balancing a full time job and trying to make sure online learning lessons are complete and the house is tidy is honestly making the weeks fly by for me.

The hospital has finally been able to provide scrubs for us, so I am not having to strip in my garage anymore when I get home; that’s one big positive change in the last two weeks. I also make sure to check my temperature, even on my days off.

The day-to-day of my job has changed pretty drastically. We are accustomed to serving 25-40 patients a day, with the restrictions in place, we see much less than that most days (some days we still run all day). We have filled our time being ready for the “surge”. There are constantly new protocols and updates to learn. The leadership at DCH is doing their best to ensure that we are prepared to serve our family and friends in this area!

Wash your hands!

Brynn Santoni
Brynn Santoni is the section head of the CT Department at DCH.