Essential Worker Spotlight – Steve Orchard, Results Broadcasting, Inc.

People want a diversion, and I’m trying to provide that. Music is the great healer of all things; where would we be without it? People want a break from bad news and bad times and hopefully I can provide that…

On air, I’m trying to stay more upbeat, and not have all this doom and gloom going on that you see so much of on social media.

With three radio stations here, I’m mainly busy with my airshift, and getting production done for all three stations.

In good times, I am out and about within the community with remotes and different station activities.

I don’t know that I’ve experienced a new “normal” yet. My life is pretty much like it was before the Coronavirus. I’m kind of a homebody anyways. My family and I miss Holiday Kitchen but support other area restaurants by ordering take out.

Steve Orchard, Results Broadcasting, Inc.

Steve Orchard is on-air 2:00pm – 7:00pm at Frog Country WJNR, and has been for 12 years.

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